Olga Buzova told about the imminent pregnancy

Ольга Бузова сообщила о скорой беременности TV presenter does not hide that in the near future will give birth to a child. According to Olga Buzova, it took her several years to live in marriage with Dmitry Tarasov to understand that she is ready to have children. The star is already tired of numerous questions about procreation.

      TV presenter Olga Buzova happily married to footballer Dmitry Tarasov for four years. The woman supports the husband in difficult situations, and tries to spend all his free time in his company. The star admits that getting married was not planned to acquire offspring. The questions of the users of social networks on children Jane is already tired. Buzova believes that we must first live for yourself.

      “In five years, the relationships we were able to fully enjoy each other and realize that I made the right choice. Believe me, this approach is much better than to quickly get married, just to have a baby, disappointed in the man, divorce her, find another and repeat the process. In such situations, the children suffer. I’ve always wanted to live life with one man. Now Dima came to the conclusion that we can give our love to someone else. All the time,” – said TV presenter.

      As recognized Olga, she loves kids and gets along well with them. Girl talks with my nephews wife, she is comfortable in the company of young relatives. Buzova told that at a young age, she tried his hand as an Intern counselor. According to her, kids it well listened.

      “Sure, I still experience the awe of a newborn might not exactly time. But again, all the time. Of course, my husband and I in the house will live on not only dogs,” said Buzova.

      Olga stood by her man when he received a recent injury in the match with Turkey. She flew with her husband to Italy, where he was on duty in the hospital until his surgery. According to Buzova, it did not bother the fact that while her husband can’t work. She admits that she has become much more economical.

      “If at first the principle was not looking at the price now discuss what you can afford, what isn’t, where you need to cut back on queries. Become more economical, because they think of the future and make far-reaching plans, and with them the house in which you are going to live. Has changed and our life in General. Parties and appearances have gone by the wayside, we increasingly want to be alone in the apartment. Yes, and I changed my priorities. The main focus now is family and work. Others have not been sprayed”, – said Olga in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.