Olga Buzova told about the chosen one

Ольга Бузова рассказала о своем избраннике
The presenter hopes not to repeat the mistakes of the first marriage.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Olga Buzova admitted that finally came to life after a painful divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov.

“It is strange now to recall that I recently just
it was not lost on the feelings of a man who has been betrayed — told the magazine “7 Days” TV presenter. — Of course, it was easier to take in his drama — to feel sorry for me. But digging into the past is
the road to nowhere, so you can get in a psychiatric hospital. Or at least go on a long
depression. I chose another, more difficult path — the beginning of a lot of work and draw
positive emotions from wherever they can… I’m working almost around the clock and get
the pleasure of everything that happens in my life. I now have a boost of energy
like I’m 18, lust for life, reaching to the madness. I belong to myself for the first time in a long

Buzova admitted that she had no shortage of suitors, but his future chosen it imposes special requirements.

“There is one very important
caveat: to begin to seriously care for such a girl like me, you have to be very
a strong and confident person. And the first one who dare… and he will win, — Olga laughs. — There is a parable: for the girl cared
two guys. One had a hundred rubles, another — twenty. First spent
the girl fifty rubles, the second — twenty. She chose the second, because he gave
all! So for me important is not the financial component, and as the man himself
to show”.

Buzova says it will try to prevent such relations, which she had in her marriage with Tarasov. “A real man, if love would be happy for my woman, if she
enjoys what he does. In marriage, I lived not so.
I was raised and the conditions and ultimatums, was holding me back a huge amount
prohibitions. More I do not agree! I don’t even know
will there be on this planet a man who will accept me for who I am, and
will not try to change me. I have
a lot of cockroaches”.

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