Olga Buzova told about plastic surgery

Ольга Бузова рассказала о пластических операциях
The singer denies that she changed her look with the help of a surgeon.

Ольга Бузова рассказала о пластических операциях

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Olga Buzova is now on the wave of success and popularity, as it is known, is attached not only love the fans, but also the gossip of ill-wishers. In social networks there are persistent rumors that the star of “House-2” has repeatedly resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon. They say that Olga was hiding, but in fact she and the chest is slightly increased, and the fixed nose, and lips “inflated”. Olga insists that she never used the services of stellar professionals, although not exclude that in the future can turn to them for help.

“I have always been for natural beauty. But if there is something in our appearance that we are not satisfied, why something and not fix it. If you can make yourself better, that will give you confidence, then why not do it. After all, the desire to look better naturally. Would I have plastic surgery? At the moment no. I am completely satisfied with their appearance and don’t want anything to change in yourself. But it is possible that someday, perhaps, I will do”, — says Olga.

Olga Buzova again in the midst of a scandal

By the way, most “sick” theme for Buzova is the question of breast enlargement. For several years the haters bothering her criticism for the lack of lush bust. But fans are proud of Olga, who does not go in the Wake of modern fashion. By the way, the singer Valeria recently in an interview admitted that to look young, it helps it is the lack of large silicone implants. “Large Breasts adds age!” — says 50-year-old actress.