Ольга Бузова угрожает судом свекрови

New details have become known relations Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. It turned out that the divorced couple still can not be avoided – Olga filed for divorce.

That Buzova decided to take this drastic step, be the first to know hackers who hacked the girl’s phone. Additionally, there was found a correspondence presenter Dmitry Nagiyev, mom Tarasova, and mother Olga, who was trying to influence the daughter to make the divorce has been avoided.

For example, with Tarasov His mother spoke very rudely. Olga sent her a photo of Dmitri from Anastasia Kostenko (Miss Russia-2014, which Dimitri was cheating on her), and after all threatened by the court: “God will judge. You are bad people. And you don’t know what God is. Animals. God will judge. To all of you. Mother. Goodbye. See you in court”.

Apparently, in the family court ‘ Olga wants to get due to the fact that when buying a joint country-house, Dmitry has written it on his mother, which greatly might surprise and offend Buzova.

From correspondence with my mother Buzova it becomes clear that to change it Dmitry could because I wanted to see a more feminine and farm girl, which Olga was not: “You should try being a girl. You have to understand that you and pig, and very clutter. But for the sake of a loved one can and become better. It’s little things like fill the bed to remove debris, rinse the sink, close the Cabinet door. Your men tidy, but I have to order is not taught. Anya (sister Olga — approx. Ed.) corrected, and you are always very dirty. If you don’t want to do this for a loved one, then at least for themselves and their children. No man will live with the messy,” wrote the star of her mother.