Olga Buzova thanked Maxim Galkin

Ольга Бузова поблагодарила Максима Галкина
On last week’s music award Muz-TV a lot of fuss about the young singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova.

Ольга Бузова поблагодарила Максима Галкина

Olga was nominated in the category “Breakthrough of the year”, but has not won a cherished plate, I was very upset and cried.

Popular showman Maxim Galkin has decided to support Buzova and dedicated poems to her in French. Olga, in turn, decided to thank Maxim for his support and appealed to him in Instagram.

“Overwhelmed with emotions after Maxim Galkin wrote me poems in French, I want to say to him, every loss leaves a scar but makes you stronger. With all due respect to you and your work, Maxim. Olga Buzova,” said Buzova.

The presenter is sometimes surprising by their behavior.

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