Ольга Бузова научила участников «Дома-2» интимным хитростям The presenter told us that should be able to to bed every girl. Olga Buzova decided to help the people of telestroke to build relationships. In her opinion, the harmony in the family depends solely on the ability of couples to surprise each other in the intimate sphere.

      TV presenter Olga Buzova often supports participants reality show “Dom-2” and gives them valuable advice. The star happily married to footballer Dmitry Tarasov, therefore, knows exactly what must be able the woman to the man only looked at her and felt comfortable in the relationship. In one of the last issues of “House-2” Olga said, why the fair sex is sometimes a misunderstanding with the guys.

      “The problem is that women do not satisfy their men? It seems to me that girls are unwanted for your guys, because you can’t give them what they expect. I’m serious: when you want their men and when you meet them in every sense of the word, you notice how they respond to you with gratitude. And for women the highest gratitude? The admiring glances of his men! When he wants you, wants, adores and gives his love” – says Buzova.

      According to the presenter, in order to achieve harmony in the relationship, you should be able to surprise their partner in bed and to diversify the sexual life. Olga noted that in the intima is very important for men plays a variety, and if the girl refuses to experiment, it will have a negative impact on relations. Participants “Houses-2” were surprised by these revelations of the presenter. Gleb Zhemchugov, which is currently a crisis in relations with his wife, noted that His probably very experienced in this matter, and therefore, it can be trusted.

      By the way, a striking blonde knows how to keep a happy relationship in marriage. Family life with Dmitry Tarasov Olga always tries to surprise the wife. Buzova recently gave the beloved husband expensive gift – a razor made of gold. “She chose the color and design. After that I created a unique monogram with logo football club my husband. Unique gift!”, – presenter boasted in his microblog. The cost of such a surprise is about 100-200 thousand rubles. Olga Buzova has been criticized for an expensive gift to her husband

      Subscribers of Instagram Buzova often admire the happy smiles of Olga and Dmitry and emphasize that they are very suited to each other.

      “My husband and very kind to each other are stored our feeling, preserve it. Sure – if people want to have them in the family was peace and love, they will achieve. and no matter how many years they’ve been together. While we with Dima only even more fall in love with each other”, – told the star “StarHit”.

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