Ольга Бузова подает в суд на резидента Comedy Club из-за оскорблений The presenter was offended by the harsh words of the humorist. Olga Buzova is going to solve the conflict with the help of lawyers and judges. For the star, have stood up Timur Batrutdinov, who promised to solve the issue with a colleague independently.

Olga Buzova once again appeared in the scandal center. She recently participated in the filming of the next edition the Comedy Club. Then she struck a wave of criticism. One of those who insulted the host was comedian Andrew Skorokhod.

On his page in Instagram Olga told that the man was a serious offense. This so angered the young singer that she decided to deal with the offender in court.

“I have no protector. Am I the only one. And all the problems solve itself. Today one “nepomuscene” with which we are working on the same channel, allowed publicly to insult me. Unfortunately, those whom I thought were my friends from the Comedy Club, had no effect on this situation. So I will solve it through court”, – said Olga on Instagram.

Fans quickly figured out the offender of the girl. They found Andrey Skorokhod, recently depicting in Comedy redneck-rapper Gibati. It is from persons of this character in Instagram account @glebati_official Skorokhod posted offensive post dedicated Buzova. In it a man compare a star with a negative character in the movie “Predator”. In addition, in comments to this and other posts Globate wrote some very unflattering and rude comments about Olga…

Andrey Skorokhod immediately struck a wave of criticism from fans Buzova. “How can a man behave like this? It is low and mean,” “What a nightmare! Disappointed in this man, And I think it’s all clever PR. They’re there all friends,” wrote fans of Olga.

Timur Batrutdinov, which is very close contact with Buzova, hastened to emphasize that he will deal with the scandalous situation. He called girlfriend not to jump to conclusions and to wait until the issue is resolved.

“Ol, don’t rush your emotions, please. I about it knew nothing, so as not to spend time on Instagram. I apologize for this break! I am sure that in the post he did not put negativity from themselves, and acted on behalf of his character. I now talk to him, and I’m sorry that I know about this officially, but not on a personal call,” wrote Timur in comments Buzova.

Recall that the actress has been repeatedly criticized. When Olga began his musical career, it came under a barrage of negative reviews. While many stars are opposed to His singing. However, the TV presenter was able to defend its interests and the right to show their talent.

Fans believe that Olga will be able to resolve all conflicts without resorting to litigation. They also hope that this situation will not affect the trust relationship between Buzova and Batrutdinova.