Ольга Бузова заявила о готовности родить ребенка The presenter spoke about the heirs. Olga Buzova married with the football player Dmitry Tarasov four years. However, the couple never had children. The athlete had previously stated that yearns to be a father, but his wife didn’t want to interrupt their career.

      Known TV presenter Olga Buzova is preparing to divorce with her husband Dmitry Tarasov. The couple had been married for four years and seemed ideal. The reverent relationship of spouses to each other, it seemed, envied by the whole country. However, many fans constantly asked Olga and Dmitry are issues concerning the heirs – couple did not seek to have offspring. Tarasov was named one of the reasons for the collapse of their family life in the absence of the child he dreamed about the baby, and His first and foremost wanted to reach career heights.

      Recently, the leading reality show “House-2” admitted that dreams of a child. Such thoughts she had after the speech, talented boy on the show “Dancing”, which touched her deeply.

      Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

      “I understand now that want to have children,” said Olga.

      Despite a difficult period in life, Buzova swept depression – presenter finds solace in the work. She starred in the film, and not so long ago released the song. Besides, Olga decided to radically change your appearance – from the platinum blonde she was a brunette burning. Family and friends worried for the girl. Dad Buzova supported the daughter and has expressed his opinion about her upcoming divorce.

      “Life is a strange thing. It happens that men behave like women. And it happens that the girl is stronger than the strongest men. Daughter, love,” wrote the father of the presenter.

      Friends of the couple was at a crossroads – they could not understand, who in this story is right and who is wrong. As a result, some took the side of the player, and the other acquitted a TV presenter.

      Tarasov was supported by the hard statements Buzova

      “Surrounded by Olga and Dima literally split into two camps – told “StarHit” Julia, a friend Buzova. Especially it hurt the families of the players. Because girls naturally took her side, sympathize with, and men to protect Tarasova, considering that he’s right. It touched Mary and Paul Pogrebnyakov, Alexander and Yulia Samadovich. Many home discussing the behavior of the main characters of the story, literally came to scandal. Therefore, the same Pogrebnyakov divorce Dima and Olya is now in the list of banned topics – from a sin far away”.