Ольга Бузова заговорила о новых отношениях Leading told about the man in the dream. In recognition of the celebrities she’d like to find a representative of the stronger sex, which would protect it from undue publicity. Buzova also told that no plans to share with fans the reason she broke up with Dmitry Tarasov.

      Olga Buzova is going through an extremely difficult period in my life. The star threw himself into the work, and actively performs with the song “the sounds of kissing.” Recently, she became one of the participants of disco “Party zone”, held in Moscow last Sunday. Celebrity is not only delighted fans with a performance of his smash hit, but also answered the questions of the host of the program “Starry interrogation” of the TV channel MUZ-TV.

      Olga Buzova about breaking up with her husband: “I’m to blame”

      Senior program Buzova asked to tell fans about the cause of her breakup with a famous football player, but the star refused to speak on the subject. “About my personal life I don’t want to make any comments. I was silent on the subject, and be silent,” said the celebrity. Buzova also made it clear that he would like to enter into a relationship with a man who avoids publicity.

      “I have no dirty Laundry. I’m not ashamed for any of his word and deed. I am such a person: if I feel good, I can not be silent, and if it hurts, I can’t hold back the tears. I’m real. And when I love, I love the whole world. Perhaps this was my mistake, because something needs to keep for themselves. To be honest, I wish my life was the man who, on the contrary, to hide me from everyone and to protect. I want all women. To find a real defender, not a midfielder,” said the leader.

      One of the fans Buzova wanted to know if she plans in the future to marry again. Celebrity has gone from a direct answer to this question and said that at the moment it is still a non-free woman. Recall that the marriage Buzova and Tarasova will be terminated 30 December.

      Earlier Olga Buzova scared fans during the recording of the new year’s broadcast “House-2”. The star was not good during the song “the sounds of kissing.” Apparently, this happened because acute bronchitis is a diagnosis leading doctors. Fans supported Buzova numerous reviews with wishes for a speedy recovery.

      “We rehearsed in very difficult conditions. Should turn out even better, but for health reasons we recorded two takes. Excuse me. A little overestimated their strength…” – shared her celebrity with followers of his microblog.