Olga Buzova spoke about the pain of betrayal

Ольга Бузова заговорила о боли предательства The presenter poured my heart out to the fans. Olga Buzova posted a poem in which I felt her despair. Fans concerned about the mood the stars and trying to understand what happened in the life of the celebrity.

      The TV reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova not seriously concerned with their fans. Accustomed to see the radiant smile of the stars social media users increasingly notice the sadness in her eyes. On the eve Buzova published a poem about angels in his microblog, in which between the lines you could see the despair, pain and regret.

      You know… the Angels one day tired:

      From someone of lies, betrayal and pain,

      From the promises that you give

      To keep that you have not enough will.

      From small degrading of the offense,

      From bitter tears, to hide behind a smile,

      Tired of waiting in silence,

      Which is tormented by terrible torture.

      They suddenly realize is not needed.

      Their he waited, to whom they were sent.

      And the wings of that wounded, ill

      They are in trouble needlessly tripped.

      It is a sentence to death.

      With folded wings the angel disappears.

      And only then, you will understand that you are one.

      No more angel. No one covers.

      Fans of the presenter felt that this cry of the soul is that Olga has faced difficulties in family relationships. Users of social networks have not seen the joint images of the star with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. In their opinion, between husband and wife there was some serious quarrel. Some believe that man betrayed his darling, so she feels.

      “Ol, you’re stylish, not shoot from the hip, everyone in the family way,” “hold on dear”, “it does not happen, career and family – you have one thing to choose,” “the Crisis happens to all couples. You can do it, and be happy together”, “I Wish you to all of you to be good, love each other, appreciate,” wrote words of encouragement to the followers of the presenter.

      For nearly four years, all admired the beautiful relationship of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. The couple surprised each other nice gifts, support in difficult moments and spent free time together. The star has admitted that put a lot of effort to in their home was characterized by happiness and comfort.

      “We’re just over these relations work, each time conquering each other again and again, organize each other surprises, give great attention to detail. All mutually – today I prepare a romantic dime, and tomorrow I’m his Princess, bride, goddess. We have a date as the first. Recently caught myself thinking that this feeling is not gone – just like in the beginning of our relationship. My husband and I are very sensitive to each other are stored our feeling, preserve it. Sure – if people want to have them in the family was peace and love, they will achieve. No matter how many years they have together,” said Buzova.