Olga Buzova spent the night on a drip

Ольга Бузова провела ночь под капельницей The presenter picked up a serious virus. Despite his illness, Olga continued to work, which resulted in unpleasant consequences. The doctor gave the star a diagnosis of “acute bronchitis”. In this state, Buzova not to go on stage.

      A few days ago, Olga Buzova admitted that he feels bad: she has a sore throat and started coughing. Fans began to advise the media personality tools that would help to quickly put the star on the legs. Despite the malaise, Buzova gave a concert in Krasnodar, performing their hit song “the sounds of kissing.”

      However, such a schedule had a negative impact on her health. Just two days Buzova became much worse, and she has needed the help of a doctor. The health worker came to the presenter and after the inspection, determine what problems have arisen at the stars. Besides, Olga had to undergo many hours on a drip with a solution of special preparations.

      “Apparently, the stress, nerves and a tight schedule of work weakened my body, and he could not resist. I became seriously ill. Now will be engaged in the health and prevention! My dear, please take care of yourself. Today I visited the doctor, unfortunately, put a disappointing diagnosis – acute bronchitis. And also told that in Russia “goes” tough virus, and a flu! Do not treat carelessly their health, this virus is able in seconds to knock down as happened in my case. So even if you are sick, take antiviral drugs, drink more water, tea with raspberry jam and lemon, wrap up warm and, most importantly, sleep! I’m getting strong, now was the drip for 4 hours! I in any case will not hurt. I can’t!” – wrote Olga in the microblog.

      Friends and acquaintances Buzova started to support the young woman and wish her a speedy recovery. Many also noted that they themselves have suffered from this virus. The presenter assured that soon gets back on his feet, as it is waiting for work. “I can handle anything, no matter how hard I was and how I hadn’t tried to break,” said star.

      Recall that recently Olga has become one of the most talked about person in the Network. Internet users had a long talk about her breakup with Dmitry Tarasov and shared their impressions about the songs Buzova “the sounds of kissing.” Very soon the star will appear in the film, where he will play a leading music channel.