Ольга Бузова проводит ночи со звездой Comedy Club The presenter does not even have time to sleep. In the words of a young girl in the dark she meets up with Anton Lirnyk in the theater. Fans believe that Olga overloads himself, and she should rest more.

      Ольга Бузова проводит ночи со звездой Comedy Club

      The star of “House-2” Olga Buzova is actively preparing for the premiere of a new play. The presenter will appear in one of the roles in the play “the Man snapped”. Partners by Olga and other artists, the most memorable projects of the channel TNT: Anton lirnyk, Yevgeny Nikishin and Sergey Pisarenko.

      Buzova revealed in his microblog that the day before she met with the resident Comedy Club to rehearse one of the scenes. “Another time, except for the night, we have,” – said the star.

      Fans of the TV presenter became alarmed, as she sleeps little and almost never rests, after all, just a few hours before Olga put with choreographers new number for the song “Used to it”, which will soon show on the stage SC “Olympic”.

      “Poor Olga, you rest often, you can’t do it!” “Olga, do you ever sleep? You everywhere time, good for you!”, “And when do you sleep?”, “How much effort?” – surprised the followers Buzova.

      By the way, some users of the social network expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Olga will appear in this performance. Previously the female role was played by Maria Gorban remember from the TV series “Kitchen”. Admirers of her talent were surprised that a girl removed from the. “StarHit” contacted colleagues Gorban in the production, and they explained that they were not aware of the replacement.

      “I found out about this recently, more to say can’t…Masha great relationship. I think we are talking about the second part of the statement,” – said Evgeniy Nikishin.

      Actress Maria Gorban admitted that he was shocked when I found out about the replacement. According to her, it all happened very suddenly. “That’s the way it happens in our profession… I hear from fans that no longer play in the play, who spent a year and a half of life – art, tours, advertising. Sorry that this is happening behind his back. Awfully unpleasant. But what can I say… Good audience to you, friends! All the world,” reacted to the reshuffle of Director actress.

      In the play “the Man snapped” the main character Mary finds a secure man who can easily pay for all her needs. But later she finds out he’s married. In order to revenge him, Mary decides to tell his wife about everything that happened between them.