Ольга Бузова запела на английском языке
TV presenter released the track in a foreign language.

Photo: Instagram

Career of the singer Olga Buzova is developing by leaps and bounds. Though the first girl was singing even back in 2011, but that song with T-Killah was only a musical experiment. Solo hit Buzova “the sound of kisses”, was released in November 2016 and immediately “blew up” all music charts of the Internet. Less than a year, and Olga less associated with the reality show “Dom-2”, where he has for many years been the undisputed leading. Buzova are called to sing at prestigious festivals, and even offers to act in the club’s latter-day singer even comes up, so many of them! Even skeptical to the whole of Russian pop stars admitted in Olga his colleague. Noticed, however, that the talent she is not very much, but disability is rife. “She makes everything fair!” they say.

Buzova has already recorded a dozen tracks, and almost every one of them becomes a hit. However, it is not surprising, considering what a big Olga’s army of fans. Alone followers on Instagram more than 10 million people!

But His does not stop. It plans to enter the international level. So the girl released his first track in English. The song is called “Not enough for me”, which translates as “not good enough”. This is the English version of the hit Buzova “Little half”.

“Today is such an exciting and happy day in my life! — says Olga. I waited all summer! Today I have great awe and boundless joy I present to you, my favorite, his FIRST English-language track, which was released in my first solo album “the sounds of kissing.” This is a new stage in my work, and I’m happy to share with you my thoughts and creativity!”