Ольга Бузова продемонстрировала пылкую страсть с мужем The presenter never ceases to confess his love to his wife. Olga Buzova published the touching video, which shows her strong feelings for Dmitry Tarasov. However, not all fans have reacted with enthusiasm to the fact that the celebrity is actively shares personal life with fans.

      Fans do not get tired to admire a family idyll leading project “Dom-2” Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov footballer. Apparently, now the spouse of a celebrity is at the training camp, but because Olga spends time in the company of friends and beloved mother. However, the strong longing for her husband makes TV all the more likely to remember the happy moments with Dimitri. Celebrity has published a video in which the couple showed on camera the passion of each other.

      Romantic frames the TV presenter was accompanied by a poem Mary Kutcher “You know, and it’s great.”

      You know, and it’s great
      Someone to be the end of his days,
      Hugged her when cold
      To choose names for children.

      Grievances treat with chocolate,
      After a quarrel, immediately put up,
      Its to get a garden
      Those close to him, to be proud of.

      Favorite to wait work,
      Cooking him a delicious dinner.
      See joint photo
      And to know that somebody needs you.

      To go through difficulties together,
      Tight hand clutching,
      Watch the Sunday “News”,
      To sleep on her own shoulder.

      Surround each other with care,
      Every day stronger love
      You know, and it’s great
      It is worth living.

      Video posted by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Jul 17 2016 at 2:51 am PDT

      However, not everyone took such touching publication with enthusiasm. They found that there is such a personal video to put on public display.

      “Very beautiful poem and video, but it’s so personally and intimately. Why this little piece of your small and delicate the world is not to keep for themselves. And just not to let him outside and mimoprohodyaschie”, “Why do we always have to put my personal life on public display. And home video close” – did not support the publication of the passionate fans. However, there were those who could not find in the video something wrong, but on the contrary, thought that Olga and Dmitri is a great example to follow. At Buzova is his method, how to maintain a great relationship in the family.

      “It is important to give a man the feeling that he is the main man in your life. I always build our relationship so that Dima understand how he would decide, so be it. It is necessary to concede each other. When we started to live together, sometimes could not come to a common denominator, arguing. My mother taught me: “You may think differently, but why to quarrel? Why not take the point of view of each other, while not agreeing,” said star “StarHit”.

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