Olga Buzova showed his new love

Ольга Бузова показала свою новую любовь
The presenter managed to get out of depression.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

After it appeared some time ago rumors about the imminent divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov, fans are closely watching mikrobloge spouses trying to find at least one clue about what is happening in the star family. Divorce is still of Olga and Dmitri, or they are already reconciled? Recently Buzova scared their fans by publication, which begins with the words: “My new love…”. In fact it turned out that the TV star just decided to tell you about a massage pillow that had her excited, and not about a new love interest.

Meanwhile, on the eve of Olga, which until recently was photographed sobbing in Spain, already had fun at the birthday party of his good friend Maria Pogrebnyak. So the fans Buzova hope that the couple is already on the path to reconciliation.

By the way, the last few days the web was much discussion of the fact that if divorce does take place, Olga will get millions earned Tarasov. According to rumors, the player has recorded his entire estate to the mother. In addition, the machine that moves the presenter allegedly belongs actually Dmitry.

We will remind that not so long ago, hard Tarasov commented on the paparazzi footage depicting the weeping Olga. “Is she crying? I think she’s just drunk!” — spoken by the player. His words were negatively received by fans of the pair who condemned him for such an attitude to his wife.

“In a pair of Olga Buzova-Dmitry Tarasov is a very unusual situation — told 7days.ru
psychologist-conflictologist Valery Sokolyuk. To be honest, celebrities have
all family problems are solved much more difficult. I have experience
with people from show business, it’s a different world. Therefore the conflict here it is necessary
be considered taking into account all the nuances. Dmitry famous person, for
which was always crowds of fans. He’s a footballer, he is young and he
rich. And tying up my life with a man, Olga had
to understand what it is. The wife (let even it is also very popular)
needs to trust the man, another option in such
the relations there. Plus you have to consider and envy from girls that
Olga such a successful man. Even with a popular athlete is
hard work for women. So now as time passes, they quietly
talk, but I think together this couple to be true. For reunion
must be at least one person, but I do not see…”