Olga Buzova shikuet in Monaco

Ольга Бузова шикует в Монако The star arrived on the Cote d’azur on a private jet. Olga Buzova made a vacation in one of the most luxurious places in Europe. Telediva spends time in expensive restaurants, off in Nightclubs and sunbathing on the private beaches.

TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova these June does a truly Royal chic. Star spends time in one of the most expensive and luxurious places in Europe – on the French Riviera, where, apparently, she came at the invitation.

Before Olga Buzova published a picture, depicting her coming down the stairs of a private jet. “Guess where I arrived?” intrigued Olga its subscribers. Until they threw her in the comments, in which he called France, Monaco, Spain and even Chechnya, the star opened the card. Following the publication of Olga Buzova said Geoteam Monaco. Obviously, the picture was taken at the hotel where Buzova was going to dinner at one of the restaurants on the Cote d’azur another state – France.

“Happiness is just go and arrive for dinner in France,” said the media personality under the next photo in the microblog.

Olga Buzova fairly detailed reports about how awesome spending time in luxurious places. Apparently, immediately after dinner, the star went to party in one of night clubs of Monte Carlo. And in the afternoon on Sunday announced that today, intends to spend time on the beach.

Followers of Olga Buzova in awe of its endless possibilities. Many agree with her that to realize their desires is happiness. “My dream! Yes, will not argue and the happiness to be independent in their desires”, “Good blouse. Super. Good”, “Olga, a great image!”, “You look well, knock yourselves out and not care at all,” advised Olga followers. However, there are those who could not resist not to read the star of morality.

“So the clubs and life will pass quickly. It is necessary to create a family”, “Happiness is dinner? In France? Money? Olya, not the priorities! Happiness is loving husband, healthy children and the opportunity every day to give them a hug and kiss! This is happiness and no dinner and the night party nothing like this!” – Buzova trying to instruct on the right path into her.

It should be noted that all the posts telling about luxury holiday on the French Riviera, Olga Buzova accompanied by the hashtag “thank you” and “I now it’s just necessary”, as if alluding to the fact that for this trip she has someone to thank. It is not excluded that Olga is not alone and just don’t want to advertise this fact. Olga Buzova has hinted at a new relationship