Olga Buzova section “the most beautiful criminal” Jeremy Meeks

Ольга Бузова раздела «самого красивого преступника» Джереми Микса The star unveiled the new video for the song Wi-Fi. As recognized herself Olga, this video turned out quite different than her previous work. Buzova specially presented the gift to the followers in Valentine’s Day.

Olga Buzova has continued to conquer the pop scene. She recently performed at the Big Love Show, which was held in Moscow last weekend. The actress appeared in an interesting way: she had built up hair and outfit picked out a dress with camouflage print. The backup dancers were girls dressed in the same style. “Army” headed by Olga introduced the song Wi-Fi.

The song, released in December, like many fans Buzova. Girl, disillusioned with men, learned in the character of the track itself. The shooting took place in Moscow. They were attended by the most beautiful criminal in the world, and now the model Jeremy Meeks. Olga herself was delighted with this cooperation.

“We have been planning the shooting and considered different options of the actors. When I stumbled on the page Jeremy, you said: “I Will shoot only with him!”Jeremy is the most handsome man in the world, the most beautiful bad boy (a bad boy. – Ed.). We contacted Jeremy through the Manager, then had a private meeting. He liked the song, and he agreed to participate”, – said the artist “StarHit”.

Olga Buzova friends with the “most handsome felon” Jeremy Meeks

Yield trends Buzova timed to Valentine’s Day. The video turned out really hot. Olga went through a few provocative outfits and allowed Jeremy to caress her body. The fans decided that the star has demonstrated his grace in the video.

“I’m in love with this clip! We are very much ready for it. He’s different, not like what I did before. I admit, I’m nervous, did not sleep all night. I’m really looking forward to your feedback and comments . As I have no second half, you give me presents on 14 February as a repost, and I beg you not to razmenivayas on #мужчинаWiFi, they don’t deserve our attention and our love” – as Buzova announced the release of new products.