Olga Buzova scandal left the Studio of the First channel

Ольга Бузова со скандалом покинула студию Первого канала
In discussing the behavior of TV stars.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Recently it became known that Olga Buzova got the job on the First channel. The TV star became the host of the new show “womanish revolt”. A few hours ago, the Network has extended footage from the shooting of one of the first issues of the program. They Olga scandal leaves the Studio.

The reason for the departure Buzova from the set was a quarrel with her co-presenter Yulia Baranovskaya, Sofiko Shevardnadze, Tatyana Vasilyeva and Elena Abitaeva. Colleagues gave her to Express their point of view, and then she threw a fit. “What are you to tell me do not give? We’ve got only two leading: Sofiko and Baranovskaya? I have nothing to say now I will not. I’m not interested!” — said Olga, going from the Studio.

Fans are sure that this video was posted online, in order to promote the premiere edition of the show, which will take place on November 27. Meanwhile, in an exclusive commentary 7days.ru Olga said that she was happy to work on the main channel of the country. “I am glad to join the family of the First channel and become part of it! The program “women’s revolt” — this is just the beginning, soon there will be a lot more interesting things!

I’d like to meet all about your favorite channel TNT: My life for 13 years is associated with this channel. Here is my family, and I’m not going anywhere! I love my job, love the House 2, like the native channel. And the First is a new step in my career presenter!”