Ольга Бузова устроила скандал во время съемок «Звезда, пой»

In the final program, the presenter refused to comply with the terms of the script and threw a fit.

At first it was fun. Olga Buzova and host karaoke shows Sam singing “15 cool people on the project “Dom-2”, “Oops!.. I Did It Again” Britney Spears and “a Glass of vodka on the table” of Grigory Leps. Olga joked that her new book, “the Price of happiness” is worth a read by all, and claimed that he was proud of his work in the reality project. She also answered all the questions Sam, and even agreed to play football. But then something went wrong. And star telestroke threw a terrible scandal…

In project scenario Sam suggested Olga Buzova to get worms out of the box, as is often done in various competitions, participants of reality “Dom-2”. But the media personality had refused flatly to do it.

“My husband you know who? Then you will find!” – immediately said His master.

But Sam did not let up and claimed that she must follow the script of his program. After these words, Buzova made a scene that ran all the organizers of the show.

“We did not agree! Why would I want to do what I want? What is this nonsense! Turn the camera off! Stop filming me!” cried Olga.

“This show, Olga. And you agreed to participate, were calmed her Sam. — We have a script. And you just have to follow it”.

But His continued foul language and call my assistant. As you might guess, the hand to the worms in a box of media personality is not lowered.

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