Olga Buzova sang about ex-husband

Ольга Бузова спела о бывшем муже
Fans of the singer watched as her mood changed.

Olga Buzova

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Olga Buzova has released a new track called “Wi-Fi”, which many fans considered
direct message to her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov. “Cry about you, I promise.
Sit down, calm down, don’t panic.
Because I’m like you, in love
don’t play me you want and get it…
I declare a friendship between us. No need to stare. If you want, let’s yourself at all
let him, if
you’re not a man, and Wi-Fi.
But to me you just do not to catch you
know about sex, but not
about love” — sings Buzova.

Thousands of positive reviews
which enthusiastic fans were left in the personal microblog singer, was
diluted comments, which hardly improved the mood
star lost his job on the First channel. “It is time to change the repertoire, not about
sick love and revenge to sing, and about the positive! All about sore, nothing new,
former all the rest does not? What a waste. Your ex with this
hottie Anastasia is resting, and you already all cringe. Here a post on all
no way to forget him I can’t if he’s as bad as you always do well
alone can’t leave?”

It is worth noting that one of the esters
closed show “womanish revolt” by Buzova told, the man was cheating on her for
year. And she did it very emotionally.