Olga Buzova revealed the true causes of their loneliness

Ольга Бузова раскрыла истинные причины своего одиночества TV presenter wants to meet the Prince. It does not intend to waste your time on a short-term relationship and looking for a great love, but the men surrounding the star, it can not. This artist has dedicated the next song.

Olga Buzova is rightly considered one of the most popular girls in Russia. Now the presenter devotes all his spare time developing his music career. Many fans assumed that because of the busy schedule, the star is unable to find happiness in his personal life. However, the actress revealed quite different reasons for their loneliness by posting Instagram post.

“You often ask why I’m still single? Indeed, it took more than a year, and I have no young man! At first I was scared, there was even a depression, and then I started to look for reasons in themselves, and probably they are too! But it turns out that one young man writes to me, then scribbles the same to others, today another young man invites me out I refuse, so he goes with the other! I don’t want to be with such men, and I don’t want to be friends with people who give themselves as free WiFi, who have no position, have no principles,” said Olga.

The singer stressed that she wants to meet the one Prince who can turn her life into a fairy tale. Buzova previously told fans that her name was on a date, but it never did not end well. In an interview with “StarHit” Olga and is told that for the past year she has not allowed herself even once to kiss.

Olga Buzova: “Better to be alone than with just anyone”

Despite the setbacks in his personal life, the presenter does not give up. She is confident that she can still find happiness, and in this regard calls upon fans to be picky about her men.

“Girl, my Princess, remember, you deserve only the princes! And I assure you, they are and we will meet them in the way of our happiness. Should not opt for an unreliable and despicable guys” – shared His opinion.

Fans have supported Olga and emphasized the correctness of her position. “Olga, you’re done! Saying true things in plain language”, “Repeatedly confronted with such men, they are not worthy of attention”, “Why Buzova is popular because she sings about actual problems”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the stars.

By the way, new song Olga called Wi-Fi has already become a hit. In just a few hours, she topped the iTunes chart and continues to hold a leading position. The song has the following lines: “I declare the friendship between us, no need to stare. If you want to do, let him do it all. If you’re not a man, and Wi-Fi”. Fans are sure that these verses completely correspond to the position in life of the artist.