Olga Buzova responded to harsh criticism candid outfits

Ольга Бузова ответила на жесткую критику откровенных нарядов The star commented on the statements of spiteful critics who found her stage images too revealing. Olga Buzova previously appeared on the red carpet in a transparent suits, flattering her figure.
Ольга Бузова ответила на жесткую критику откровенных нарядов

TV presenter Olga Buzova rapidly conquers the musical Olympus. In early November, the stars planned big solo concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Recently, the celebrity has released his debut solo album, which in a short time he headed the Russian iTunes.

However, the impressive successes of an aspiring singer only provoke the criticism. In late September, Olga took to the red carpet in a sheer jumpsuit. Actress Yana Poplavskaya has compared the star to a woman from a brothel and wrote that her image of the “wild and pity” looks. In a recent interview with reporters Buzova responded to the harsh words of detractors. According to the girl, her outfit at the awards Music Box, was “beautiful and sexy”. Olga stressed that this is a stage image.

“Why are Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, when they come out in a revealing outfit, no one says they are women of easy virtue? I’m on stage are, I’m an artist! ( … ) perplexed star. – Look, I’m 31, I’m not married. I am young, beautiful free girl. The time will come when I will wear skirts to the knees, and after 80 years and the long skirt you have to wear. But now if I look good, I have a terrific figure, why can’t I to demonstrate? No, I will continue to delight fans and outfits, and songs.”

Olga remembered his appearance on the award MUZ-TV. Then she appeared before the public in the costume of Aphrodite. Some social media users were outraged by the outfit Buzova and found it too Frank.

“The idea was that I was Aphrodite and it is my birthday. After all, MUZ-TV is the first award where I appeared! How should be dressed Aphrodite? The small decorative rakushechki in strazica all that is necessary, I’m covered,” – says Olga.
Ольга Бузова ответила на жесткую критику откровенных нарядов

The star also spoke about criticism of his work. Many artists have allowed himself unflattering remarks about the musical activities of Olga. Most recently, Victor Drobysh shamed the young singer for using plywood. The producer later apologized to Buzova, noting that he did not want to hurt her.

Kozhevnikov was criticized for her statement about Buzova

“Apparently, the rule is: you wanted to be – insulted Buzova. For many characters, which often remember, it is an occasion to remind myself. Fortunately, there are many respected people who are on my side: Dmitriy Nagiev, Maxim Galkin, Philip Kirkorov, Dima Bilan…” – shared the star.

According to Olga, her “inhuman” schedule. Star works tirelessly. Mom Buzova genuinely worried about her. “Plus a huge amount of negativity. Many people think that I’m a soulless robot and alien to me experiences. In fact, I can be wildly tired, my nerve, go home and cry”, – quotes Buzova magazine “7 days”.