Olga Buzova responded harshly to insults Svetlana Loboda

Ольга Бузова жестко ответила на оскорбления Светланы Лободы The presenter reacted to the harsh words of the singer. Last week, in an interview Svetlana Loboda allowed himself to unflattering comments about the audience that listens to Olga Buzova. The star of “House-2” decided not to remain silent and devoted a post to the artist.
Ольга Бузова жестко ответила на оскорбления Светланы Лободы

Slightly more than a week ago Svetlana Loboda gave an interview to one of the popular media. Answering questions about show business, she spoke about creativity of Olga Buzova, which songs top the charts. According to the singer, only a certain category of people loves her songs. Svetlana herself says he does not feel any negativity towards Olga.

“In a big country, very diverse population. And it’s mostly people who are not able to read, to watch, to think, to seek. They earn money, hard earn, they need to feed the children, make a life and occasionally to something to be distracted. They cannot be blamed. I think Olga Buzova for such. I see that she tries, looking for images, change costumes, put the dance numbers. Download her singles on iTunes so it is necessary for someone, it must not be treated lightly,” said Loboda.

A few days Olga tried not to react to such words of Svetlana. However, the artist had very loves her fans, so she stood up to protect them. In Instagram presenter “House-2” has published a long post in which he described all the categories of people who love her work. In proof of his words, Olga showed a clip from the festival VK Fest, where she sang along with the crowds.

“Svetlana, I’m loyal to your people, just as they are to me. Therefore, I ask you, as a thinking man, having the ability to read and to think, at least to continue to refuse such loud, unreasonable and untruthful statements. I never divided people on social and financial grounds, and with equal force love all my fans: as a person from the Russian hinterland, without any education and people with private houses and yachts and Harvard education. Because love has no boundaries and cannot be measured by a Bank account number of received certificates and books read,” said Buzova.

Celebrity is not afraid of sharp statements in the address. According to Olga, for 13 years in show business she is accustomed that its activities are sometimes criticized. Star advised Svetlana Loboda look at her audience.

“After your remarks about people, I would have thought for a place of your fans, because among them there are also a large number of people from ordinary families, which, judging by your interviews, you do not appreciate and do not respect,” wrote Buzova, adding that they are ready to solve the other questions on the phone.