Olga Buzova remembered the thorny path to glory

Ольга Бузова вспомнила тернистый путь к славе The star of “House-2” gave themselves up to nostalgia. Before you become successful and wealthy, Olga had a lot of tests. She also frankly admitted that a hundred times he wanted to quit but stayed and eventually got his way.

      Ольга Бузова вспомнила тернистый путь к славе

      TV presenter and designer Olga Buzova celebrates 12 years of his career on TV. As much time has passed since the release of the first series of the project “Dom-2” on TNT. Olga was among the first participants of the show, along with Alena Vodonaevoy, Stepan Menshikov, Olga Nikolaeva, May, Apricot and other young people who wanted to find his soulmate on the program.

      Career of Olga, by his own admission celebrity, was complex and full of different tests. She many times wanted to quit and do something else, where everything will be easier and without much ADO. Sometimes Buzova did not feel approval from other people, and to live with that was extremely difficult. Sometimes Olga fatherly supported the General producer of “House-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky. Celebrity sure it it the right words at the right time helped her cope with different difficulties.

      In addition, the star expressed his gratitude to the viewers from all over Russia, who voted for her when she was a member of telestroke. If they do not, Olga, could not have been successful and would not have believed in their strength the way she’s doing it now. Because of the fact that there were viewers out there, all supporting her, Buzova made sure that they always have your people, wherever she was.

      “12 years ago I started my television the way.. He was a complicated, thorny, things were very difficult. Sometimes it seemed that I was one against all. 100 times I wanted to leave, but left, defeated, and now have everything I want and dreamed about. On this day I want to say a huge thank you to Alexei Mikhailovsky for their support and faith in me. You always treated me like a daughter! A huge thank you to all the viewers!.. Thanks to you I believed in myself, and not afraid to say what I think, I always knew, even if the whole world is against it, but my people will always be with me!” — Buzova wrote in his microblog.

      Olga also thanked his relatives — mother, father, sister, and grandparents, who supported her in the project “Dom-2”.

      In conclusion, the TV star confessed to all the people of whom she spoke, in sincere love. Buzova also revealed that she loves “the House-2”. After all, despite all the difficulties, this show has made Olga a celebrity. “I love you! I love “the House-2″, for me it is a personal little holiday. Your Busines”, — with these words concluded his message to all colleagues, family, friends and fans of the reality star.

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