Ольга Бузова отказывается уходить из «Дома-2» Leading and aspiring singer spoke about the romantic project in which she is going to participate. Olga Buzova will look for the groom on the set of the TV show. Despite the tight schedule, the star did not even think to say goodbye to the “House-2”.
Ольга Бузова отказывается уходить из «Дома-2»

32-year-old Olga Buzova became the heroine of a new Dating show in which to look for love. Filming should begin very soon, and now in the midst of casting. The celebrity said that her participation in the project is an extreme measure. The fact that the working schedule of stars painted in the next few years – until 2020. About this Buzova said in a recent interview.

According to Olga, it is difficult to see. Because of the constant filming and other projects, the star has already forgotten about some of the joys of ordinary life.

“I want to feel again that I’m a woman, to feel butterflies in your stomach, shy, blush, turn pale. I want to get high not only on the work – the buzz I get every day. Work is what helped me survive in a difficult situation and that now gives me strength to move mountains” – shared TV presenter with journalists.
Ольга Бузова отказывается уходить из «Дома-2»

Even if Buzova will not find a fiancé on the set of the show, she wouldn’t be upset. Participation in the project, said the star, will help her to feel welcome. “I will look after men, to take the initiative,” explains Olga.

As for the “House-2”, while the celebrity is not going to say goodbye to telestroke, despite strong employment. Buzova sees itself as a leading reality show and twenty years later. According to Olga, she truly believes in this project and each time learning something new on set.

“I love my job. Generally, I only do what I love – it’s my life’s law today. I’m on the project from the very first day – betray me not. I will be fifty years – I will work on the “House-2”. In the show, I daily develop: we are faced with such situations, which help even me. I love “the House-2″, I love my profession,” shared the star.

Olga noted that while it is impossible to combine different spheres of activities. The girl often suggest to focus on one thing – drama, music, or movie. However, the artist can’t make a choice. According to Buzova, it’s impossible. Olga admits that she likes to play and to Shine on the screen.

“I love TV, I love the camera. I am the exhibitionist. Television is the opportunity to Express themselves creatively and develop themselves,” admitted the girl to the website of OK! magazine.

We will add that this summer should open the first restaurant of Olga Buzova. It will be located in the center of Moscow. Olga promises that there will be fed delicious and inexpensive food. If you believe the timer on the project site, the unveiling will take place on 4 June. Olga Buzova will feed her fast food in the center of Moscow