Ольга Бузова отказалась от секса на два года The celebrity has starred semi-Nude for the famous men’s gloss. In an interview with reporters Olga Buzova confidently called himself the perfect woman and admitted that she still believes in love. The star is still in search of the second half.
Ольга Бузова отказалась от секса на два года

Television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova took part in a candid photoshoot for men’s magazine and answered some questions. The celebrity spoke about Hobbies, favorite artists and sources of inspiration. Olga without hesitation calls himself the perfect woman and said that he could not designate any of its drawbacks. Millions of fans of the star to confirm her words.

According to Buzova, it is in excellent shape. Star believes that has changed dramatically over the last ten years – not only externally but also internally. Now Olga is feeling stronger and smarter. To answer the question about its disadvantages, she turned for help to his mother.

“Mum is also first said that I don’t, but then called one: you push yourself too hard. Now I’m shooting with an injury, which he received at the concert. Need to do x-rays and lie down, but no. I promise myself every day that will definitely relax. Well, in 80 years…” says star.

As for the personal lives of Olga, while the artist is in search of its second half. The presenter appreciates decent and honest men who do not change their principles and do not substitute friends. Itself Buzova considers a very faithful person. To the question about what she called the main driving force, she said, “Love.” If playboy Hugh Hefner was alive, he would have fought with her.

“No sex from me almost two years but saved the celebrity. – No, it’s love. Love in all forms is the most important thing that motivates people and the world. And I still believe it.”

Fans of Olga Buzova admire her work ethic and energy. The star not only leads esters “House-2”, but also takes the time to design clothes, writes songs and readily posing in glossy magazines. So, on February 14 there was a clip of Olga for the song Wi-Fi, which starred “the most handsome felon” Jeremy Meeks. The video has received over 13 million views on YouTube. In busy schedule Buzova was a place to work as a creative producer – she will monitor the content of the channel “БузоваTV”, it will begin to show in the air ТНТ4 Sunday.

In a recent interview with Playboy magazine Olga admitted that she wants to sing with Britney Spears, Madonna and Beyonce. But from the Russian singers Buzova no one is singled out. The star prefers to admire fellow men, including Philip Kirkorov and Grigory Leps.