Olga Buzova recorded the song for “Poor people”

Ольга Бузова записала песню для «Бедных людей»
The star not only played one of the roles in the TV series, but also made him a hit.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Press service of TNT

TV presenter and actress Olga Buzova, who played in the series
“Poor people” on TNT, has recorded a new song called “cap-cap”. It’s not
the first song in her career: Buzova has been recording music for several years, she
for example, there is a joint song with rapper T-killah “don’t forget”, and another song Olga was devoted to her husband, Dmitry Tarasov. “Cap-Cap”
unique in that it used verses of the poet Sergei Yesenin: the plot
the series “Poor people” they suggested using the writer venja — however, he accidentally gave them
for their. After the broadcast of the series with this song, fans of Olga literally “showered” her with questions, where can I download the song. A professional recording-it was not! So Buzova went to the Studio and recorded a track on the disk. Now it can be downloaded online.

“I had previously released
songs, lead a musical activity since 2011 — says Buzova. — In “Poor
people,” by the way, there is a moment where I act as a DJ. A song for the show was
to record especially fun. Now I have a song on verses of Yesenin! And
the title song “drip-drip” the team sang the whole filming process, she’s just not
flew out of my head”.

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