Olga Buzova publicly shamed ex-husband

Ольга Бузова публично пристыдила бывшего мужа
The presenter again remembered about the affair of Dmitry Tarasov.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

what once-beloved husband Dmitry Tarasov appeared on the cover of in the arms of another
women, and even in the Nude, Olga Buzova could not. Indeed, in
an interview with the athlete claimed that fell in love with Anastasia Kostenko after divorced
the star of “House-2”.

Now Olga is
the ability to say what she thinks all over the country. She
have used during the live broadcast of the show “womanish revolt” on the First channel. “I had such
the situation when I felt the ground start to annoy
her ex-husband, —
Buzova said in a conversation with a co-host. And when everything said, “he
there’s another,” I answered, “No! He can’t be another woman.
Yes, I have faults, but we love each other that life will
together and die one day.” And then after a while I learned that his year
there was another woman. And it was at that time when it all began, I started it

Tarasova has a mistress, it became known even before Dmitry and Olga
ceased to live together. It was alleged that at the time when Tarasov and His
have decided to disperse, football for three months met with Kostenko and even
filmed for her apartment.