Olga Buzova publicly condemned her traitorous friend

Ольга Бузова публично осудила предавшего ее друга The actress had an argument with Archie leading on the set. Olga Buzova said she was tired from the constant attacks in his address and did not expect such behavior on the part of man. Celebrity are unable to hold back the tears.
Ольга Бузова публично осудила предавшего ее друга

During the recording of the program of the First channel “womanish revolt”, one of the leading which is a well-known telediva Olga Buzova, happened unplanned conflict. The star is right to live decided to find out the relationship with the invitee – Archie. The girl is very hurt post colleagues – male posted in the personal microblog the singer with the caption: “This is a fiasco, bro, “House 3″ on the First channel, it is time to throw”.

“We’ve known each other for many years. We went to dinner, we’re friends, we communicate with you and were always happy to see each other. You put my photo and wrote that this fiasco! You wanted to get noticed? Congratulations – you’re sitting on the First channel!” – answered unpleasant publication Olga.

However, this verbal sparring artists have not stopped. Archie noted that there will always be free to Express their opinion, even if it could make someone hurt. In turn Buzova admitted that did not expect such behavior from the once loved one. Hardly constraining tears, the girl shared her feelings.

“I really hurt! I don’t understand: for what? What am I, got the throat? Why are you on me all dogs tear? I don’t know what I did to you exactly? I hurt, you know? It is the person with whom I was friendly,” said the brunette.

It is worth noting that Archie’s not the only one who dared to condemn the behaviour of teledive. Judoist Dmitry Nosov, also became the guest of one of the editions of the program have already spoken on this subject in social networks. The man believes that leading home electroni of the country should not behave the same way and on a more serious gear. Judoist Dmitry Nosov disgraced “womanish revolt” by comparing the show with “House-2”

“At some point, Olga Buzova forgot that is on the Central television of the Russian Federation. It was obvious that the gatherings around the campfire for several years, where she passed the fire, water and copper pipes, made themselves felt. She felt his element here. Unfortunately, in my opinion, she is not able to send its popularity to convey the ideology of morality in its absence. It has formed the Association that she was from “Houses-2”. But this transfer turned in “House 3” – shared his opinion of the athlete.