Olga Buzova proposed to expel from Russia

Ольгу Бузову предложили изгнать из России A similar initiative was made by the new Yuri Khovansky. Thus he commented on the information that Olga Buzova forbade entrance on the territory of Ukraine. Statement star of the Internet had to taste not all users of social networks.
Ольгу Бузову предложили изгнать из России

Television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova is one of the most talked about person in the Russian show-business. Not a day goes by, as an another news about a celebrity that has an army of fans, and a large number of ill-wishers. In addition, many deliberately publicly speak about star to become famous due to one of the most popular women in the country.

Recently in the Internet appeared another initiative Buzova. At this time, the leading suggested to send from Russia. The author of the joke was the new St. Petersburg Yury Khovansky, whose YouTube channel has more than 2.9 million subscribers. His tweet has garnered over four thousand likes.

Many subscribers Khovanskii supported him and offered their own versions, which, in their opinion, should leave the presenter. “Advice bloggers”, “even if half of the pokemon in the Church,” “Let’s leave her alone on Mars under the pretext of pioneer from the United States”, “Alaska”, “And she’s rich? To The Moon!”, “She’ll go to any country where there is a plaque with the inscription “House-2”, “the village,” wrote the fans of the blogger.

At the same time, some social media users, on the contrary, criticized popular online resident of St. Petersburg, while others stood up for Buzova. “Where to send Khovansky?”, “Yuri, why are you with her?”, “Olya is good, no need for her so,” they discussed.

We will remind that Olga Buzova made the black list of the site “Peacemaker” for visiting the Crimea. It was reported that leading consciously violated the state border of Ukraine and were engaged in an illegal tour operation. The star herself has not commented on the news.

It is worth noting that recently, the Network appeared “official Diss track Olga Buzova” recorded by singer Black Russian Mama. Under the high-sounding alias hides a beauty blogger and resident “Comedy battle” Natasha Krasnov. Her clip, released the other day, is rapidly gaining popularity in the Network. The woman believes that Olga Buzova is urgent to retire, because that, in her opinion, can’t sing. “Its the first track I dedicate to this person… so that there is man – woman with a capital “W” – said Krasnov.

Resident “Comedy battle” severely humiliated Olga Buzova

Informed his point of view about one of the clips, Olga Buzova shared the singer Dmitry Malikov. The artist has rendered a verdict the high-profile Duo of star and Nastya Curls. “Caught the eyes of the tsarist clip Buzova… And therefore commanded: “by the decree of the Royal carve ol’ku in the stables…” – wrote the singer on Twitter. The presenter did not react to the publication of Malikov, but fans of the actress know that she has a unique gift and can always laugh at themselves.