Ольга Бузова готовит переворот в российском футболе The unknown fan got a tattoo with the image of the artist in the form of club “Spartak”. The TV reality show was delighted from such action and shared ideas about the future of football.

When Olga Buzova was married to a football player of sports club “locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov, she was sick, of course, for a team spouse. After a painful parting with esurancecom TV presenter has not ceased to be interested in games, but became a fan of “Spartacus.”

Among sports fans there are also those who are still following the work of Olga. So, one fan even has a tattoo of tattoo with the image of Buzova, dressed in “Spartak” form. The star was delighted with this Declaration of love and published a photo of the tattoo on my Instagram. TV presenter admitted that, alas, does not know who made this picture.

“Leave it here. I’m not the first to dedicate a tattoo, which of course is nice. I always knew that red-white the perfect taste in music. Quincy promes in a recent interview said that #malopolovets one of his favorite songs. No wonder I support “Spartak”. Things are,” wrote Olga.

Some sports fans have criticized Olga Buzova after she dumped “the locomotive” “Spartak”. they accused her of inconstancy. But Olga doesn’t pay attention and sincere rejoicing for the success of the red-and-white. She was even willing to lead the fan club, as also mentioned in the caption to the picture with the tattoo.

“By the way, is it me your form. Well, I realized what I was missing for complete happiness is to become the leader of the football club. And there is not far to the coach of “Team Russia”. The main thing to manage to pull this off before the world Cup 2018. And why not? Write your comments, will triple now with you a revolution in football. Believe me, I know how to motivate. PS And thanks to the author! Don’t know who you are, but I am very pleased,” said Buzova.

I must say that when Olga Buzova was sick only for the club “locomotive” and attended all their matches, she faced aggression from other fans. Then the fans of “Spartacus” the TV presenter did not complain during one game with Lokomotiv fans even called himself outright insults. In the Internet appeared the video, which men chanted: “His whore.”