Olga Buzova poured my heart out: “Nerves stretched”

Ольга Бузова излила душу: «Нервы натянуты» The reality star has released a new song. Track Olga Buzova “Under the kissing noises” provoked mixed reactions from the fans of the TV presenter. In the song the girl sings about their suffering.

      Talented TV presenter Olga Buzova continues to amaze his fans. Despite the difficulties with her husband Dmitry Tarasov, a girl never ceases to delight the public with their creative works. A few hours ago, the network appeared the new song of Olga “the sounds of kissing.” The star sings about sadness, parting, and what to endure tired of suffering.

      Olga has intrigued fans with a short video from when she performed this track. “A little piece of my yesterday’s performance. No longer can because the premiere will be held later. Looking forward and hope that you will enjoy. I searched so long for her, my song,” wrote Buzova under a short video.

      Leading fans think that Olga chose this song for a reason. In the song are the following lines:

      Questions without answers,
      No tears from the wind.
      Each other do not hear,
      You can’t imagine how flash
      Nerves taut
      Patience is not eternal!
      But the eternal contradiction!
      And again stupid excuses,
      Our love is with you – something fragile.

      By the way, in the spring of Olga Buzova recorded a short clip with my girlfriend Claudia Coca. The girls sang a song about love “If…”. After watching the video, many social media users pointed out that the engineers heavily modified voice leading, and in fact she sings quite differently.

      We will remind that recently in the microblog Olga very often appear in poems. Sometimes she writes them herself, but often borrows from other well-known online authors. Line, as a rule, full of pain from betrayal and sorrow. Friends and acquaintances Buzova noted that she was very upset because of problems with her husband. Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation

      “On the court, we saw Olga without a wedding ring, so it should be for the role, maybe he already has given up on marriage. She often in tears, so make-up artists have to work over her face to hide the traces. Look at her – so pretty, and crying. It would any married took!”, told technical officer Ilya, who works with Olga.