Olga Buzova pleasure spun two novels at the same time

Ольга Бузова на отдыхе закрутила два романа одновременно
The singer establishes privacy after the wedding of Dmitri Tarasov.

Of course not, dear @timurbatrutdinov ? All, as you say ? #Repost @timurbatrutdinov ??? It’s all true!) @buzova86

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Timur Batrutdinov and Olga Buzova, seems to have fulfilled
the promise that they gave to the fans before the onset of 2018. Then
one of the parties, the singer and showman decided if you can’t find the second halves
will link their fate with each other. It happened because Olga how was the
it is known, is the main contender for the role of the heroine for the female version
the project “the Bachelor”, and Timur was the star of one of last seasons popular
TV show.

Ольга Бузова на отдыхе закрутила два романа одновременно

Olga Buzova, Timur Batrutdinov

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova), Instagram

Olga Buzova, LJ

Photo: Instagram

When the actor announced his intention to go after the singer
didn’t believe him. Now Buzova published a short video on the page
in the social network, taken during her holiday in Thailand. Video Batrutdinov
denies his relationship with Olga. “She just accidentally took a picture”, —
says the showman. It was at this point in the frame appears Buzova: “Tim
RUB my back cream.”

Rockstar ???#day2

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While some subscribers microblog Olga resented the “bad
directing” and “the desire to seek attention and publicity by any means”, others were happy
for artists. “Super pair!” “Cool!” — they said. It is worth noting that a few hours after video
Timur, Buzova published a joint photo with popular performer
LJ — author of the hit “Pink wine”. “Link” — short signed the Olga.