Olga Buzova picked up closet for the New year

Ольга Бузова подобрала гардероб к Новому году
TV star chose a dress for the occasion by designer Bella Potemkina.

Ольга Бузова подобрала гардероб к Новому году

Olga Buzova

Photo: Press service of Bella Potemkina

Olga Buzova has already started preparing for the New year.
After returning from a tour, she was puzzled by the plans for the upcoming holidays and
selection of bright outfit for the most magical night of the year.

For new clothes presenter went to the boutique to its
a good friend of Bella Potemkina. The girls had a long conversation, shared news and secrets, and then proceeded to the selection of new
the Christmas designer collection. Olga’s attention was attracted to four luxurious
dresses: black, asymmetrical openings, slinky metallic
with a deep neckline and cocktail options of dairy and turquoise
colors. “The long new year holidays — will be an occasion to wear every one of them,” — smiling,
said the presenter.

During the fitting so Olga got a taste of that
at the same time decided to visit salon Bella Potemkina, which is located at
door to invent new ways for new year’s eve.

“Always very happy to see Olga at a party, commented
Bella Potemkina. — She is glowing with happiness and their positive charges of all
around, whatever happens. We picked up her chic looks for the New year!
Sure ahead fateful meeting and a pleasant acquaintance!”

Olga Buzova and Bella Potemkina

Photo: Press service of Bella Potemkina