Olga Buzova pelted with tomatoes

Ольгу Бузову забросали помидорами
TV presenter admitted that sings under the plywood.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Olga Buzova told that although it is already many years in show business, some celebrities still react to it inappropriately.

“Many wonder, what am I doing in their get-together in their garden, which they cultivated for so many years: “How is it? After all, Olga Buzova accident”… And I’m already 13 years
television and all this time working on my name, image, over,
to be known, appreciated and respected, says TV presenter. — At first, I was upset. Despite the fact that I’m cool, strong, despite the fact that confident, I’m still in first person, I’m a girl. And when I publicly insulted a man, it is very hurt. It’s not on a silver platter everything I had invested a lot of work.”

But then Buzova found a way to deal with detractors.

“The method is simple — I learned how to laugh at yourself. Not afraid to be funny, and
this is my strength… And, of course, that I work hard by day and by night, revealed his secret Olga. — A week ago came
my clip “We be hot” Nastya Curls. I laugh at everything
was happening to me. The beginning of the clip was my idea. Nastya asks me: “Well,
Cho, I hear you sing?” My answer: “I like… sing Under the plywood mouth
open”. I brought what they say about me, to the point of absurdity. I there is crazy ridiculous. Us in the frame
even tomatoes to throw!”

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