Ольга Бузова возмущена словами любви Романа Гриценко The TV presenter once again put an end to this issue. Olga Buzova unhappy that Roman Gritsenko playing to the audience, declaring feelings for her. She does not believe in the sincerity of his words, and therefore asks to stop the discussion.
Ольга Бузова возмущена словами любви Романа Гриценко

Olga Buzova appeared on the TV show “Dom-2” at the very beginning of the reality show, in 2004. However the girl are unable to find true love, despite their strong relationship with Roman Tretyakov. In 2008, she became the leader of telestroke together with Ksenia Borodina. Despite the fact that she is constantly helping young men and women to find happiness in his personal life, she after a divorce with Dmitry Tarasov has not yet met the new love.

However, in winter new the party of reality-show Roman Gritsenko decided to seek the location of the presenter. He tried to care for Olga, but his efforts have not crowned with success. Buzova did not want to see an insincere man who, judging by the lie detector, was cheating on her and playing to the audience, expressing feelings. Despite the fact that the presenter previously spoke about what I put in this story point, she again decided to return to an old story.

“Never I did not like him and never did he have to me any feelings! I want this thread to close. Once and for all, enough. Stop talking about these feelings, which were not, it’s hard to hear. We are waiting still from Roma men’s acts, and if he takes a liking to the girl that he was carrying for the girl’s responsibility and that he beautifully had formally invited Mexico to our project,” said Buzova.
Ольга Бузова возмущена словами любви Романа Гриценко

Apparently, in announcing the movie is about a former participant of the reality show Marina Mexico. Olga herself, when he said it, felt strong emotions and almost started to cry.

In January, when His vacationing in Thailand, Gritsenko was unhappy that she crossed paths with the resident Comedy Club Timur by Batrutdinova. Roman felt the pangs of jealousy and waited for the presenter in Moscow. However, the hopes of the young man were shattered. He hated that she rejected him. Moreover, was present during the conversation the mother of Roman, though he hoped that this conversation will take place to them alone. Roman Gritsenko: “I hate that Buzova rests with Batrutdinova”