Olga Buzova openly spoke about loneliness

Ольга Бузова откровенно заговорила об одиночестве The TV presenter told how her difficult to handle some business. According to Olga Buzova, her need men’s help. The star told the fans that she can not change tires.

24 hours Olga Buzova have time to visit a few places: to appear in the new issue of “House-2”, to rehearse in the Studio and work out. However, some issues star can not resolve. In one of the movies in his microblog girl admitted that she needed to do a change of wheels.

“I have to change tires from winter to summer. But I’ve never done it alone. I don’t know who to even call,” said Buzova.

According to celebrity, in previous years she has performed this procedure more. Olga admits that she is not able to move quickly on the track, so as to interfere with her snow spikes. A few hours Buzova recorded another video, in which complained to the fans that didn’t even have time to eat for the whole day.

“Heavy days lonely girl” – shared TV presenter.

Despite the difficulties, a celebrity is in no hurry to find a mate. She wants at home waiting for her beloved dogs, who will never betray. After a painful divorce with Dmitry Tarasov in December last year, the presenter was disappointed in married life. Several times, the star hinted that he no longer wants to tie the knot and open the soul to the men. To completely forget about the wedding, she even burned her wedding outfit. A fire ritual was organized during the filming of the clip “People don’t believe.”

Olga Buzova got rid of wedding dress

“Even if sometimes you think the whole world is against you, remember that everything will work out and the main thing – not to stop. I believe that each of us has a guardian angel who will not let us in! He’s always there. I know it’s hard when you have no support, but believe me, there are those who will be next”, gave His advice to his followers.

Recall that in the autumn of this year, Olga plans to give a solo concert where she will represent the twelve songs. While the artist has released four songs, but she sure has time to write the rest. Buzova support loved ones and friends, and fans praise her for her tenacity.