Olga Buzova on Dating show: “Men will take a hard casting”

Ольга Бузова о романтическом шоу: «Мужчины будут проходить жесткий кастинг» The presenter will allocate a month to find a husband. In 2018 will start shooting a romantic show with the participation of Olga Buzova. Men have to fill out the questionnaire to participate in the project.

At a press conference dedicated to the launch of the project Buzcoin, Olga Buzova could not get around the topic of their future participation in the new show on the TNT channel. Recently started casting. All men from 18 to 40 years can send their profiles to become one of those who will compete for the heart of a star.

Olga Buzova for the first time officially confirmed that it will allocate a month from your busy schedule to take part in a new show.

“For the first time on television, launched this kind of project. Didn’t think I’d have to say this, but I used to be honest with you. More than a year I am one, and I can tell you honestly that I am not a robot, I’m a girl, but many forget about it. If you think I can be without love all his life, it is not so. I have to admit that there is no men nearby, and they were not from my personal drama. So. I think this is some kind of problem. And since I have no time for personal life, I decided to give their consent to participate in the new show on channel TNT, where would I look for your love,” he told His reporters.

According to Olga, she is looking for a true, brave, strong, devoted man. “I really want to be happy and to love, and perhaps this project will give it all to me” – hopes the star.

“StarHit” asked Olga if she’ll be able to live with a man who is not as successful as she is. Many members of the opposite sex will refuse to be such a media as Olga.

“The most important thing for me is not material. The important thing is not how much a man earns, and what he is. I thing, to feel protected. Men will pass on this project hard casting. If he wants me to take a picture, then immediately go out. I don’t need someone who wants to flash in my stories. We need sincerity,” – said the artist.

Recall, the announcement States that the project requires ambitious guys and accomplished men, creative personality and office workers, athletes, start-UPS, the military, the participants of the reality show, researchers, it specialists and many others who want to link their fate with the most enviable bride Russia. Applicants will undergo a serious selection at the casting and travel in the romantic country to compete for the heart of Olga Buzova.