Ольгу Бузову мучают ночные кошмары After her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov, the presenter devotes all his time to the work. As admitted herself Olga, tight schedule is bad for the health. His long sleep poorly and do not always have time to do even appearance.
Ольгу Бузову мучают ночные кошмары

Olga Buzova is considered one of the working artists of the Russian show-business. She is currently working on several projects at once – works leading reality show “DOM-2”, build a music career, manages the restaurant, is developing a brand of clothing and even launched its own cryptocurrency.

32-year-old TV star admits that every day is painted literally on minutes. However, the popularity, according to Olga, is the reverse side, it has not always been able to restore power, and even in sleep her nightmares.

“Sometimes tired like a horse. Nightmares almost every night. Probably from the stress. Yesterday morning, I looked out the window and think: would give anything to just take a walk in the Park,” admitted Buzova.
Ольгу Бузову мучают ночные кошмары

Despite the fact that numerous business projects bring Olga a good income, money in recognition of a movie star, are not its main purpose. The actress has repeatedly said that does only what brings her real pleasure.

Ольгу Бузову мучают ночные кошмары“Everything I do is not about money. Honestly. I’m just a man I want to be popular, want to be loved. Well, tell me, what’s wrong? Me all in a rush. Stop looking at me all sorts of hidden meanings and assume that Olga Buzova is a machine for making money. This is not an end in itself, although the money to me, I will not hide, it is very necessary: know how to record a song and shoot a video for it?” — says Buzova.
Ольгу Бузову мучают ночные кошмары

Previously, Olga has admitted that deliberately loads his schedule, because after the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov, her heart is still free. However, it was not disappointed in men again and wants to meet his love.

Soon will start the project “Marry Buzova”, where the artist hopes to find a decent man that will become her real support. Then the star will change their attitude to work to find time for a romantic date with a loved one.

She admitted in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine that she sometimes has to defer taking care of their own appearance. “I have not got any free minutes. Out roots could paint for a hundred years”, — frankly said Olya.