Olga Buzova naked for the sake of creativity

Ольга Бузова обнажилась ради творчества The star shared a backstage from the shooting of the cover for the new single. Fans were delighted with the stunning views of the presenter and an aspiring singer. They wished Olga continued success.

TV presenter Olga Buzova continues to conquer the musical Olympus. The star TV has all chances to become a successful performer. The song, produced by Olga, in a short time become popular, and the actress has already started giving solo concerts.

Buzova recently presented a lyrical song “People didn’t believe” that stunned her fans to the core. Equally strong impression on them and made a clip. Especially for the premiere of long-awaited work Olga tried soft and light dress to the floor, and angel wings, symbolizing the purity of her mental thoughts. After some time after the release of the celebrity also shared a video made on the set of the cover. This video was shot, in which she appeared semi-Nude.

Olga Buzova got rid of wedding dress

Fans were delighted with the gentle manner of Olga. According to them, the star is white color and it looks amazing. They also wished her further success. “Very nice”, “Clever”, “well Done, go forward!”, “Incredible,” “angel”, “Beautiful video and song”, “Buzova, you’re super”, “Happiness and strength”, “Best”, “Keep up the spirit”, “I Have goosebumps from your creativity,” wrote in the comments of the post star.

Earlier Olga informed fans about what it means to premiere the video for the song “People don’t believe.” “I’m releasing the video for the song that you have loved. In him I put all my soul, and I would really like to see some of you watching this video inspired to go for their dreams no matter what. No matter how many people around you do not believe, it is important that you believe in yourself, your purpose and dream and go forward. Even if sometimes you think the whole world is against you, remember that everything will work out and the main thing – not to stop. I believe that each of us has a guardian angel who will not let us in! He is always there…” – shared the star in the day of the premiere of the movie.

Note also that the recently ventured on the bold experiment with style. Presenter diversify the way, adding a bold and stylish “notes” – Olga Buzova has dyed a few strands of hair in rich color. “Tired of winter and cold. I want bright colors and drive, I want to vandalize,” commented celebrity. Chumachechaya spring: Buzova, Temnikova and Reshetova decided on a bold change