Ольга Бузова угрожает рэперу Моту рассказать скандальную правду
The star insulted.

Ольга Бузова угрожает рэперу Моту рассказать скандальную правду

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Olga Buzova again staged a showdown in the Network. TV star complained to the fans that insulted her rapper ILO. In the show “the League of bad jokes,” the artist voiced the joke, which, according to Olga, discredits her honor. “What is common between Olga Buzova and Halal dining room? In both visited a Tartar,” said the ILO. According to fans, the “Tartar” he was referring to Timur Batrutdinova, who attributed the affair with Olga. Demis Karipidis, resident of Comedy Club, which became an opponent of Mota on the set was surprised by the unexpected attack on colleagues.

“I don’t understand what is happening in the modern world, and generally with men who behave so ugly. I just also will not be silent. I got tired of it all. I will not allow to offend, humiliate me and defame my honor. I would advise this person to count the number of sexual partners your wife, not mine,” responded Olga.

Rapper ILO

Photo: @mmott23 Mota Instagram

Fans supported Buzova and filled the social networks Mota and his wife Maria comments with demands to apologize to the offended star “House-2”. The rapper has not spoken about the scandal erupted, but prudently “shut down” your posts. Fans Buzova I believe that the artist decided to “propiaritsya” on behalf of Olga in anticipation of the big solo concert.

Interestingly, in January the ILO has already appeared in the scandal connected with Buzova. Then the artist formerly maintained a friendship with Olga, performed at the wedding of her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov.