Olga Buzova mocks changes

Ольга Бузова иронизирует над переменами в жизни After the conflict in the family star continues not to faint, surprising fans with rhetoric and a radical change of image. This time the leading known telestroke decided to joke on the subject of their own relations.

      Olga Buzova tries to be easier to treat family issues with Dmitry Tarasov. On his page in the social network she places vivid pictures, which are accompanied by unambiguous comments, and by all means tries to show that in her life there is no place for depression, because the schedule of a celebrity completely rupisan. Just recently, Olga has become the leading on the wedding anniversary of their friends who have been together for 15 years. During the event, the girl said that she could learn from this couple on how to build long-term relationships.

      The guests noted that Buzova lot of jokes during speeches, but it gave sad eyes. Likely, the star is experiencing due to problems in the relationship with her husband Dmitry Tarasov, with whom they are temporarily separated. It seemed that Olga had forgotten about his troubles and was even willing to openly discuss them.

      “If someone has family problems, my table with the number four, so on on. If I remember correctly, and I periodically modifies not only the memory…”, – commented Olga wedding anniversary of friends.

      In addition, Olga is still surprising the audience with his new hair color. Fans can’t believe that ten years later she decided to drastically change the image. Most of the followers approve of her choice, believing that His looks are now more Mature, more serious and much more confident. Olga Buzova dramatically changed hair color

      Olga thanked followers on Instagram for their attention, support and willingness to help. She stated that reading absolutely all of the comments that people write, and she’s flattered by their attention. It seems that Olga Buzova ready to say goodbye to the past and to begin anew to enjoy the world around them.

      “The new me. A new life. And I love her”, “I Now understand that finding yourself is only the beginning. The most important thing here is not to lose yourself. This occured with me”, “the Future belongs to those who breaks down stereotypes, and I look to the future with new eyes,” writes Olga in his microblog in Instagram.

      It is worth noting that that same video with Olga’s statement, which appeared on Life.ru that helped the fans to appreciate the power of the spirit Buzova and her sense of humor. However, the TV presenter prefers not to speak openly about their suffering.