Olga Buzova met the first candidates for the role of her fiancé

Ольга Бузова познакомилась с первыми претендентами на роль ее жениха TV presenter wants to find love on a reality show. Olga Buzova ready to give up a certain amount of work in order to devote this time to the new boyfriend. She admitted that in ordinary life can not meet a decent man.
Ольга Бузова познакомилась с первыми претендентами на роль ее жениха

This spring, the TV presenter Olga Buzova announced that it intends to become the heroine of a new reality show. The girl was desperate to look for love in the rhythm of her daily life, and therefore ready to defer in almost all cases to meet the man of her dreams. She admitted that thousands of worthy contenders for her hand and heart went to the casting to have the opportunity to personally meet with the presenter to try and become a reliable support in life. As it turned out, Olga has an idea of who you’ll meet on the show.

“I admit, I’ve seen the first applicants. They are not dummy. These people interested me. But so far I haven’t told anyone who I liked, and not say. I will check each person… I Can say: if I knew that the show can’t be men, which is interesting to me, and I never would have agreed to participate in it”, – told Buzova.
Ольга Бузова познакомилась с первыми претендентами на роль ее жениха

TV presenter admitted that she is not easy to meet in ordinary life – her schedule is overloaded with speeches, work at the Studio, filming and business. Even when she turns to go to the movies, walks in the Park, she can’t meet a decent man.

“I mean, I open, I do not sit in your house in a burqa. But nothing happens! Time goes by, and it seems to me that if in the coming months does not appear next to me a worthy man, it will not appear never. I just never in my life will no longer be any relationship! Admittedly, the situation with the divorce I broke down. In my life, just work…” – confessed to His.

Despite the fact that the schedule is overloaded with Olga, she hopes to be able to find time for a loved one. She is willing to give up a huge amount of work in order to be with a man. Buzova explained in an interview with “7 days” why working seven days a week.

“All things are possible to combine, it would wish. Why I now work every Sunday? It’s simple. What, am I the only one to sit at home? If at home nobody waiting for me, then I better write down a song or lifted for some glossy magazines. And if it’s someone you love, I don’t so to load,” – says TV presenter.

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