Olga Buzova made extremely short haircut

Ольга Бузова сделала экстремально короткую стрижку The media personality hopes that you will not regret about the act. Olga Buzova’m sure with a new hairdo she will start her new life. “I’m crazy, and I know it,” she signed your picture in the new image.

      Ольга Бузова сделала экстремально короткую стрижку

      TV presenter, fashion designer and actress Olga Buzova not get tired to experiment on your own. Just six months ago diva faux got rid of long curls, opting for a stylish quads of your own hair. A new image of Olga Buzova loved her fans, but the media personality decided to go further. As you can see, the heart and soul of the famous blondes continue to demand change. And now Olga demonstrates to the followers of a microblog is a new extremely short haircut.

      Judging by the hashtags #crazy#sometimes#do what I want, that young lady accompanies pictures in unusual manner, the decision to move from quads to a short Bob, she accepted spontaneously. Moreover, Olga Buzova, even making the cut, not yet fully realized what had happened. “I’m crazy, I know it, – says the beauty. Hopefully, tomorrow I will not regret about what I did”. However, fans Buzovoy, seeing her new stylish haircut, in one voice assured her that you will never regret. So a good star with short hair! “You look twenty!”, “Olga, you’re beautiful”, “Elegant crazy”, “Cool haircut, you even younger and more modern”, is instantly bombarded Butovo her followers rave reviews and compliments.

      By the way, Olga Buzova not the only star who last Friday decided on a change of image. Broke up with long curls and a colleague Olga for participation in the TV project “Dom-2” Eugenia Feofilaktova. Instead of extension hair from the beautiful quads now. And Eugene said that got rid of dyed strands, having grown his own hair, and now she exclusively own, natural hair color, given her nature.

      Ольга Бузова сделала экстремально короткую стрижку

      Among the stellar beauties lately clearly there has been a trend for short hair. With long locks last year broke up actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya. A few weeks later it became known that his gorgeous blond curls, a young woman sacrificed for the role in the film “Son of Wolverine”. But the new way was so pleased with the actress and her fans, and a year later she is still wearing a short haircut.

      In the spring of last year without regret parted with long hair, which gave her the image of femininity and romanticism, and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. Ksenia did quads, straighten the ends of your hair.

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