Olga Buzova made a scene of jealousy in the “House-2”

Ольга Бузова устроила сцену ревности на «Доме-2» The presenter lost his temper on the court reality show. Olga Buzova rejected the advances of one of the participants of the project. The star has said that he wants her once again heart broken. Ernest Ptak wants to conquer a celebrity so hard having a girl signs of attention.

Many viewers eagerly await the release of each episode of the project “Dom-2”. They know that some issues will be able to enjoy the sparkling humor of the show, as well as to evaluate an unexpected outcome. In one of the clips that appeared on the Network, Olga made a scene of jealousy to the young man Ernesto, who recently came to telestroke. The guy wanted to care and look after Buzova, but apparently he had offended her, drawing attention to another girl.

“Don’t touch me, traitor! And don’t look at me. It broke my heart. I have it and it was broken, and you broke it into pieces. Don’t look at me,” said Olga.

Ernest claimed that appeared on the reality show “Dom-2” for Maya, but then changed plans. “I came to May, but when I first saw Buzova, my heart rate increased, I realized that this is my Princess whom I want to build relations,” wrote a man.

Netizens believe that the guy has no chance, because you need to work hard to conquer Buzova. Some members of the community dedicated to the TV show, laughed on seeing the attitude of Ernest and praised his humour. Olga is well aware of the jokes the guys on the project and always accompanies them.

Star, which helps young people to build love, she is afraid to start a new relationship. According to Buzova, she almost got used to live alone and do everything yourself. Olga Buzova openly spoke about loneliness

“I begin to like it, even something as scary. I’m too self-sufficient, can do herself, even to change winter tires. I don’t have to answer to anyone, I can afford myself to buy and organize. And we can finally enjoy what it brings me pleasure”, – said Olga subscribers.

Women supported the presenter, noting that once burned in relations with men, chose life alone. “It’s addictive! We become strong! And even then the fear again someone attached”, “Freedom – she is! Addictive!”, “You’re right, self-sufficiency is one of the components of a happy life! I’m all for independence!” wrote the followers of the star.