Olga Buzova lost his voice

Ольга Бузова потеряла голос Last few days have been for celebrities is extremely difficult. Olga made a Grand on MUZ-TV, won a plate in one of the categories. Last weekend, the star opened its first restaurant in the capital. Today Buzova told the fans the bad news.
Ольга Бузова потеряла голос

Olga Buzova re-posted on Instagram a provocative frame. Star posing on the roof of the building in a revealing outfit. “Like the roof. They have their own charm and a sense of freedom…” – signed picture actress.

Fans immediately wrote her many reviews. The first of which was the question: “what is voice? Restored?”. Olga replied in the negative.

Ольга Бузова потеряла голос“You cannot restore what was not there,” “Jump, Olenka!”, “How again not to bare butt”, “Olga, you’re kids are watching…That just will not do for PR. Where the world is heading” – wrote critics in the stars.
Ольга Бузова потеряла голос

Indeed, the celebrity voice in the last days has changed dramatically. Olga reported that it is difficult to say. The star also doesn’t remember when was the last time normally rested.

“Didn’t sleep well and do not remember when I slept and slept. Give me back my voice. How to get him back? Tea probably hot” – shared Ludmila.

Almost all of Olga’s desire be fulfilled in a short time. Last week, she not only became a prize winner of the award of MUSES-TV “the Best song you’ll ever need”, but also opened his first restaurant.

Last Saturday the newly minted restaurateur had gathered in the school friends, colleagues, relatives and journalists to a private party.

Grigory Leps, Philip Kirkorov, Andrey Malakhov, Vlad Topalov, Vitaly Gogunsky, and others came to congratulate Buzova and specialties in its cafe. It is worth noting that the star itself is nothing to eat or drink. She greeted guests, sang for them and spoke words of gratitude, and then began to cry from the touching words of loved ones.

“I was so happy, not me happy with me my people. Today is my daddy, I want my parents proud of me… Now again I cry,” admitted Olga.

Say, Malakhov and Leps have fun at the opening of the restaurant Buzova

The day of the official opening of school in the center of Moscow gathered hundreds of fans Buzova. Olga handing out free food, played the hits and literally wound up the crowd with their energy. She said that her restaurant serves the best salads in the world.

“I make music to make you what to listen to I create a good collection of clothing to you was that you had something to wear, I write books to get you reading, today opened the restaurant, to where to eat delicious and inexpensive. Today, we all of Moscow feed free. You will have the opportunity to try the most delicious salads in the world! I’m serious. You know, if I say something, it’s worth it,” – said Olga Buzova.