Olga Buzova lost his nerve because of the scandal with the resident Comedy Club

У Ольги Бузовой сдали нервы из-за скандала с резидентом Comedy Club TV presenter commented on the excitement around loud stories. According to Olga Buzova, she is not afraid to confront the men. She is unpleasant, many of her relatives also witnessed an unpleasant situation with humorist Andrei Skorokhod. The fans support the star.

Over the weekend a scandal broke out between Olga Buzova and her colleague from the TNT channel, Andrey Skorokhod. The man known as rapper Globate, liked a few unflattering comments about the artist, and then uploaded the collage, where he compared her with the hero of a science fiction movie.

On the eve of the Skorokhod suggested Olga to measure their talents on the battle that each of them showed talent. Tired of the history of aggression Globate, Buzova I left a long Instagram post where he expressing outrage. According to her, she was tired of the rudeness faced by almost every day.

Resident of Comedy Club suggested Olga Buzova to resolve the conflict on stage

“My patience was filled. Yes, I recognize the fact that the media always implies as fans and antifanatov. And I never complain to anyone, try to understand, to forgive and to explain to myself the reason people hate me. But just the other day, when broke out a rather unpleasant and loud dispute, some men have allowed themselves too much nasty stuff. I don’t want it any more! True. Using the fact that I don’t have the defender, taking advantage of the wave of negativity began to appear one after another offensive video. This is what a man does? That’s human? And if these words to say about your daughter or wife? Mom? Yes, I’m one. But I can stand up for themselves. And I will.

I will not let this Hamam to do whatever they want, and so just to humiliate me and to insult. I have parents, a family, a very elderly grandmother. Unfortunately – they see everything. And upset a lot stronger. That makes me even harder,” wrote Olga.

Buzova said that she wasn’t the only one of the girls suffers from the boorish behavior of men in the modern world. Star believes that nobody has the right to insult with impunity the fairer sex.

“I do not fear you, I hate men. And just because I’m a girl. I can’t explain to you how the men told each other at all times, can’t do that. I’m so tired of that to be silent and justify your actions won’t!” – said the actress.

Probably, Olga will go to the end and will plead with the Outrunner. The fans support Buzova and think she’s doing the right thing.