Olga Buzova lit at a wedding in sexy dress

Ольга Бузова зажгла на свадьбе в сексуальном наряде The famous TV presenter spent time surrounded by the star friends at an elegant Banquet. The feast in honour of the wedding of hockey player Ilya Orcalova and his lover Eleanor was held in the Palace of celebrations Safisa.

It seems that Olga Buzova in the day more than 24 hours because she manages to keep the “House-2”, to present new tracks, writing books and passing time with friends. Last night was the star guest of the wedding hockey player Ilya Orcalova and founder of “TNT-music” of Eleanor of Mishutino. The holiday passed in a big way, and for the entertainment of the many famous guests were answered by the Duo of Artik and Asti, Vlad Sokolovsky, Anna Sedakova and Olga herself, sang on stage for the newlyweds.

In addition Buzova, guests of the event were Anna Khilkevich with her husband, fitness model Daria zakharenkova, and many others. The hall was decorated with white and beige roses, and for entertainment answered numerous artists who had prepared musical numbers.

Leading “House-2” with pleasure danced to the hottest hits of this summer, all affirming that finally got out of the depression. She became almost the main star of the evening thanks to their incendiary dance, but to overshadow the beloved hockey player still couldn’t.

“Eleanor, I wish you true happiness! Love each other and trust each other! Be Happy”, – signed photo with the bride-to-be TV presenter.

By the way, fans were surprised not so much by the magnitude of the occasion, as the dress Olga. Chic outfit emerald green emphasized the dignity of all shapes an aspiring singer, but due to the deep neckline and high cut seemed extremely provocative.

Haters often accuse Buzova in the lack of fashion taste, but this evening her image could be called flawless. The star posed in a dress with a long skirt, in response to receiving a plethora of compliments from subscribers. “You are very beautiful. Good luck and happiness”, “Beautiful and elegant. All flowers of the world at your feet”, commented the admiring fans of the stars.

“Beauty in every millimeter. The world is ruled by love”, – has signed one of the frames from the wedding of Olga herself.

In the final of the evening the waiters made a huge cake, which nearly reached the chandelier. Buzova and this time did not remain on the sidelines, sharing their emotions, and demonstrating confectionary masterpiece in all its glory. Ended the evening to the accompaniment of fireworks.