Olga Buzova laughed at the failure of Tarasova

Ольга Бузова посмеялась над провалом Тарасова The star addressed the ex-wife song lyric. Buzova carefully monitors the latest news in the life of a footballer. It became known that Dmitry Tarasov has not got to Russian national team against Argentina and Spain. Olga could not leave this fact unnoticed.
Ольга Бузова посмеялась над провалом Тарасова

Olga Buzova actively shared with fans the news of life. The presenter often sings his hits at the wheel, or on the way to work and rehearsal. Another video, which the aspiring singer posted on the web sparked rumors that she still remembers the ex-husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. The athlete has not got to Russian national team which will play against Argentina and Spain. Olga ironically sang “Hit parade” and hinted at the failure of ex-spouse.

Buzova is actively preparing for his solo performances, but apparently old grudges are still troubled by the presenter. Sensational composition “Hit parade” took off on musical peaks in early September. For the sake of filming that took place in America, Olga even dared once again to try on a wedding dress. Recall your previous wedding dress star burned. In an interview with “StarHit” Buzova admitted that it is difficult for her to cope with loneliness.

“Now, seriously understand what is possible. Last summer, not once cried, thought about life and wondered, “why is no one worthy person? What did I do wrong?” And then somehow calmed down and realized that it’s not so bad. I can develop yourself and work as much as I want and nobody will say anything. Now I’m no longer daunted by the prospect of loneliness. It might be for a very long time”, – said Olga.

According to the presenter, she lost not only a loved one, but many friends turned away from her. The part of her friends stopped to chat with the star. When she was 30 years old, came to visit 200 people, and this year – only 25. “That count. But I’m happy with. There are people who know me, I love and will support in any minute. This is important. Among them is my sister Anna, friend Olga she is from Peter’s wife footballers Masha Pogrebnyak, Marina Kasaeva and others… open to the new people I’m not ready. Too many turned on me. I know how “friends”, putting my hands in my pants to your husband. Went through all” – said Buzova.