Olga Buzova: “Kirkorov more than friends”

Ольга Бузова: «Мы с Киркоровым больше, чем друзья» The TV presenter made a surprise confession on air of TV channel “Russia 1” in the program “Hello, Andrew!”. Olga Buzova stated that someone is her feel something more than friendship.
Ольга Бузова: «Мы с Киркоровым больше, чем друзья»

The theme of the new edition of the program “Hello, Andrew!” became the acclaimed video for the song Philip Kirkorov “Color moods – blue”. Studio guests were friends and fans, as well as the authors of the parodies of the song. In the Studio appeared Olga Buzova, which got the role of the cashier in the video. After a few questions-show host Andrei Malakhov became aware of the true relations of the famous TV presenter and the king of pop, Olga made an unexpected confession. TV star said that given how recent they are, between them, certainly something more than friendship.

“Judging by what we have going on lately, we’re more than friends…” – said Olga Buzova.
Ольга Бузова: «Мы с Киркоровым больше, чем друзья»

She wanted to continue, but Philip told her to put the dot. The program also became relatives of the stars – dad Philip Bedros Kirkorov and grandmother Olga, Alla Petrova. Her arrival in Moscow was a star a real surprise. Grandma Olga lives in Klaipeda.

Alla Petrova (the passport she, by the way, Othello T.) is convinced that no wedding of Olga and Philip should not wait. Besides, grandma Buzova told how proud of her granddaughter.

“I think that can’t be it, because they have a purely creative relationship… I am very happy, happy that Olga herself without the… one task puts – seeking, second, that trying. Succeed or not succeed is another matter, but she was finding herself through all the stages,” said Alla Petrova.
Ольга Бузова: «Мы с Киркоровым больше, чем друзья»

The hero of the air Philip was sincerely admired by the relative Buzova – star grandmother soon 80 years old. A man so imbued that even made Alla Petrova unexpected proposal – a close look at his father, hinting that they could be great together. However, Bedros married, but this is not a problem, says Philip. “I look at you, Alla Timofeevna. Have you Bedros to meet. He’s 86, looks great. All there. However, he’s married. But in Bulgaria two or three wives in the order of the norm,” – said Kirkorov.